Hoont8482; Powerful Outdoor Water Jet Blaster Animal Pest Repeller – Motion Activated – Blasts Cats, Dogs, Squirrels, Birds, Deer, Etc. Out of Your Property

EASY SET UP & ADJUSTABLE – Very easy to set up. Choose the area where animals are roaming, insert the unit into the ground using the provided stake and connect to a garden hose. As soon as a pest animal is detected by the motion sensor, a powerful blast of water is sprayed to scare the pest away. / The water sprayer is fully adjustable; allowing to point exactly which area should get protected and sprayed, and to select the distance of coverage.
100% HUMANE & SAFE FOR YOU AND YOUR PETS – The Hoont™ Water Jet Blaster Animal Repeller is the most humane method for keeping animals and pests out of your property. It doesn’t kill or harm the animals; it just sprays them with an annoying squirt of water, thus forcing them to leave the area. With no messy traps, chemicals or pesticides; it’s absolutely safe for you, your kids and for your pets.
SPECIFICATIONS – Requires 4 “AA” batteries (Batteries not included) / Motion sensor detection range up to 30 ft. / Detection angle: Approx. 120° / Water spraying angle: 360° (adjustable) / Monitored area: Approx. 650 sq. ft. / Effective during day and night. / Package includes the full kit; ready to put into action (Includes motion detector, water sprayer, hose connection and stake.)